Lime Re-pointing

Let our lime re-pointing service breathe new life into your building’s architecture.

We ensure your heritage buildings and historic monuments are treated with utmost care.

Our Chimney Projects

One of the oldest known types of mortar. For solid walls traditional lime pointing is the correct approach. Heritage buildings, historic monuments, or privately owned properties built using lime mortar rely on the fact moisture entering the wall can escape as both water and water vapour.

The use of cement-based mortars prevent this as it has a closed pore structure. Lime mortar offers the ability to let your building breath, with the addition of being more flexible to allow for movement.

Beautiful examples of our lime re-pointing service, some of our projects require brick replacement where erosion is present, we do whats necessary to achieve a high standard and customer satisfaction. Renewing architecture across Lincolnshire.

Humber Estuary Sluice Gate Project

A complex job which required a great deal of knowledge and skill. We worked under the pressure of a fast rising tide and a crane lowered basket. We performed a complete re-point job to achieve this outcome.

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