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Our Services

We provide a diverse range of services where no project is too big or small. We are a professional and approachable business with the relevant expertise and skills to take on even the most complex projects.

Our Services

Conservation & Restoration

Thorough and efficient works carried out by a team of specialists, bringing buildings back to life. We take a sympathetic approach, using sustainable materials alongside practicing current processes and tools. Restoring all types of architecture.

Conservation requires an in depth knowledge base and ability to recognise materials to preserve historic and other buildings of great historical importance, using traditional methods and techniques by our skilled and dedicated craftsman.

New Builds & Extensions

Providing all services for newer buildings, caring for your home regardless of age.

We can add character or adjust the external appearance of your home. 


Chimneys are vulnerable to damage, both internally and externally.

With the knowledge and skills we are able to appropriately repair and maintain chimneys. We provide services to reduce or add height to your chimney too. 

Lime Repointing

Providing all aspects of traditional lime pointing and re-pointing on all types of architecture. Replacing old mortar with new ensuring thorough dust extraction in the process.

We replace brick/stone where necessary to ensure the perfect finish, eliminating damp and erosion.

Stone Masonry

All levels of complexity of stone work undertaken by our specialists.

From basic stone features, cladding, new builds and old builds, we provide the services to restore and conserve.

From 12th century towers to creating concrete window sills.

Garden Walls

Providing care for your garden walls, maintaining the standards and repairing when necessary.

We build garden walls from design also, adding character and privacy to your home/building.

Experienced & Trustworthy

With extensive experience within the industry, Dominic has built a team of trusted and skillful worksmen. Providing professional services set out to improve local architecture to a safe and high standard.

Have A Project?

With over 15 years experience in brickwork, restoration, heritage and masonry, Benchmark Brickwork and Masonry offer all the services you need to plan, manage and deliver your latest project.

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