Restoration & Conservation

 Benchmark Masonry are specialists when it comes to both small and large scale restoration or conservation projects.

We have experience working on many projects.

Somerton Castle

Work was carried out on this 12th century castle, over a two year period. This was a very complex project which required a wide variety of jobs. We completed a full restoration to achieve this stunning end result.

We totally restored one of the only remaining towers, which over the years had become a ruin. Inside, although the vaulted ceiling and stonework was almost in tact; it was certainly in need of a clean up, re-point and a few replacement Ashlar.

The outside was in poor shape, the whole exterior needed taking back to a suitable depth so that a solid cladding of rubble stonework could provide strength and preservation.

Due to the fact the ceiling had nothing but collapsed rubble weighing down on it, all the Ashlar had to be laid from above, lowered in using a block and chain.

Former Chapel

We provide all aspects of chimney services, from brick replacement, restoration, lime re-pointing or  building from scratch. Take a look at some of our chimney projects.

More Restoration Projects

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With over 15 years experience in brickwork, restoration, heritage and masonry, Benchmark Brickwork and Masonry offer all the services you need to plan, manage and deliver your latest project.

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